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2022 Australian Bird Window Decal

2022 Australian Bird Window Decal

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Our 2022 Children's Book Week® "Dreaming with eyes open..." vinyl window decal doesn't date! Jasmine Seymour's Australian bird-scape can brighten any large glass wall or window.

Available to fit portrait or landscape glass fittings.

  • PORTRAIT: 1189 mm high x 841 mm wide
  • LANDSCAPE: 600 mm high x 1200 mm wide

Please note design varies based on selected dimension.

  • Window decal is transparent allowing the image to be visible through translucent glass
  • Made-on-demand, delivery time frame can exceed four (4) weeks during peak sales periods
  • Incurs an extra $44 for tracked shipping from Merchandising Libraries, applied once only for all Artisan products at checkout

    Application instructions:

    1. Thoroughly clean the surface. The surface you are applying the sticker to must be clean, dry and free of any dust or residue.
    2. Carefully remove the paper backing.
    3. Carefully position the sticker to the desired clean area.
      Once the sticker sticks, it will be nearly impossible to reposition it without destroying the sticker.
    4. Rub the sticker from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles.
    5. Use a hard-edged object like a credit card to make sure the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface.
    6. Repeat with the remaining characters as and where you wish.


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