Collection: Combination packs

Make life easy and get everything you need for an easy fun Children's Book Week® in 1 quick product.
  • An array of sheets with small round stickers are fanned out ion 3 groups. Text on a graphic flag reads "Mix and match sticker set. Select any combination of 3 sheets and only pay 12 dollars 99 cents."

    Stickers your way

    Save money buy pooling together various A4 sticker sheets.

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  • A mousepad has a computer mouse and a pen sitting over the top of it at the top of the image. Below it in a line are three products, a brooch in the shape of a bunny's head in a magic top hat, a notebook, and a cotton over the shoulder bag. Text on a graphic flag reads "Desk set. Includes 1x mousepad 1x pen select 1 more: 1x enamel pin, 1x A6 notebook 1x cotton tote."

    A pack for you

    Make your work space magical with a set you picked! Available from April.

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  • A selection of Spencil branded stationery are fanned outwards, including Library book satchels, exercise book covers, pencil case pen and notebook. Text on a graphic flag reads "Full stationery set. Take 15% off when you buy: 1x pen, 1x notebook, 1x library satchel, x1 pencil case, 5x A4 covers.

    Stationery savings

    Collect stationery from 2023 and 2024. Full range available from April.

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