2023 Posters and bookmarks

The 2023 A2 posters and bookmarks are currently marked as out of stock, new stock will arrive by 1 April. This also means that our Classroom and Library packs are unavailable until we have our Bookmarks and posters in stock.
Thank you for your enthusiasm, but we would encourage you to delay ordering your merchandise until all our products are available from April, this will also save on your shipping!

2023 Collections

Spencil Collection

2023 brings an exciting brand new partnership with Spencil, specialists in visually... 

Artisan Range

In partnership with Merchandising Libraries, a bespoke display product specialist, the CBCA... 

Display's that WOW

Grab attention with our large and small display products, all featuring the... 

  • Pick a pack and party!

    You've got enough on your mind without worrying about what you'll need for Children's Book Week®. Our Classroom and Library Packs come with all the bits and pieces you'll need to create a display and have giveaways!

  • New Products in 2023

    We have a brand new partnership with SPENCIL plus some exciting new social media photograph props. But that's not all this year.

    Some of these gorgeous themed treats you won't find anywhere else!

    New Products 
  • Digital Products

    We're growing our Digital Product range in response to popular feedback. Our Digital Planner returns with ALL NEW content, and it's joined by some new classroom and library reading tools that are bound to be a hit.

    Digital Products 
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Book of the Year Stickers

Are you collecting the 2023 Book of the Year Notables?

Make it easy for younger readers to identify books the CBCA believe make for a "great read" and put a sticker on them.

Buy as individual award A4 sheets, or as a set of four.

Buy stickers

Young voices are welcome here

The CBCA’s Sun Project: Shadow Judging program is returning in 2023. Registration will open early March.

If you would like more information about the program or stay on top of early program information, sign up to our pre-registration mailing list across on our Shadow Judging Website.