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Children's Book Week® 2023 might be over, but there are plenty of items in store that can help highlight other important calendar events. Feel free to browse our gift and Artisan collections for year-round goodies!

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2024 Magical deal

Our first piece of magic for 2024 is the reveal of the 2024 Digital Yearly Planner, absolutely FREE!

Launching in December you'll be able to grab your jam-packed annual literary resource on the house!

This year "Reading is Magic" and we mean to help get the word out around Australia!

Book of the Year Stickers

Are you collecting the 2023 Book of the Year Notables?

Make it easy for younger readers to identify books the CBCA believe make for a "great read" and put a sticker on them.

Buy as individual award A4 sheets, or as a set of four.

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2023 Collections

Spencil Collection

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Artisan Range

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Gift ideas with a thoughtful touch... CBAC gifts give two ways. Firstly, by...