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Donate to the CBCA Gift Fund: Shadow Judging 2024 Program

Donate to the CBCA Gift Fund: Shadow Judging 2024 Program

Gift Fund donations help fund programs that enrich young lives through Australian stories. By selecting the Shadow Judging 2024 Program donation you can be sure that your generous contribution will go directly to assist funding for schools to participate in the 2024 program and access program benefits they might not normally afford.

Donations of:

  • $20 will help purchase a Shortlisted book for a child to read and judge
  • $50 will cover a registration
  • $100 will cover 5 of the required 6 Shortlist books in the category
  • $120 will cover a full set of books 
  • $160 will cover half a creator visit fee
  • $330 will pay for a single 60 minute creator visit to a school.

With reading and literacy levels across Australia featuring heavily in recent education reviews, your help funding any part of a school's participation in our Shadow Judging program will help Australian children take vital steps towards growing a life-long love of reading which in turn will grow literacy and education levels. 

Visit our Shadow Judging website to learn more about this growing national program.

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